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5964UPDATED/New Terms: Pre-Owned Pavilion $700.00-OBO for Sale - Reply OFF LIST Please (Please Forward Freely to other lists)

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  • Gregory 'Ash' Miller
    Feb 1, 2011
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      I have made a few changes to my sale conditions for the Pavilion,

      This Pavilion is still for Sale and I have not yet finalized any sales.
      However, I am now including all the poles, ropes and forged Iron stakes
      for an additional 100 dollars. So for the price of $700.00 you will
      have a used but still good Pavilion, just needs a little TLC (Patch one
      small Hole). I spent 1700.00 for this whole package new, so its
      $1000.00 off that price. And if your not horribly far away we can spare
      the cost of Shipping by meeting up to exchange.

      I have listed this Pavilion on Ebay at

      There the Bids start at 600 and the Buy now is 800, plus 100 shipping
      for any sale. 700 for the full deal is a great deal. It's Large,
      Spacious, 7foot detachable Walls. The main picture on Ebay shows the
      tent kind of slack, I just didn't tighten it up the day that picture was
      taken as it was the end of a full two weeks at Pennsic.

      I can accept Cash, Paypal, Money Order or Cashiers Check.

      I will terminate the EBAY sale if I receive a Legitimate Offer from this
      Email before I receive any Bids.

      Thank you for your time and Patience,

      Herr Alexander Adelbrecht von Markelingen
      MKA: Gregory A. Miller

      > Greetings good friends of the Society,
      > I come before your eyes today to offer up for sale a 13 x 22 oval
      > Marquee Pavilion at the low rate of $600.00
      > This is a Panther Pavilion, you can look it up on their web page. I
      > purchased it new about 8 or 9 years ago. Paid about $1300.00 USD for
      > the Canvas then. I am selling the Canvas and the Ridge Beam Only.
      > The Poles would be easy to make or you can buy the Set up Package from
      > Panther. You can get all the materials you would need at just about
      > any DIY store. I will provide the buyer with all the dimensions for
      > the Center and Perimeter poles.
      > Tent is being sold AS IS, Non-Refundable and must be paid for with
      > Cash, Money Order or Cashiers Check Only. Pavilion is stored in the
      > Moline, Illinois Area, so I need to get it out of storage on the other
      > side of the state from me. When I have a serious buyer I will get it
      > and you can pick it up in Chicago, or If shipping is required, then
      > you would need to pay the shipping cost as well, it should be less
      > then 100, if its not, I will pick up the difference. I might be able
      > to negotiate a meeting place to exchange in Illinois or Eastern Iowa
      > for the exchange. This could save you the cost of shipping if its not
      > too much of a drive.
      > The Pavilion shows some wear and has some battle scars. I have
      > patched a tear, the patch is good. There is one hole from an arrow,
      > it would be an easy fix, the resources are available via Panther
      > Primitives and there is some staining of the canvas and wear on the
      > sod cloth. But this Pavilion is still a nice piece for someones Kit!
      > If you are interested in seeing pictures of it, from when I have had
      > it set up, I can provide some.
      > Again, this tent has some damage and is not in perfect condition, but
      > it is a very serviceable home away from home.
      > Thank you for your interest,
      > Herr Alexander Adelbrecht von Markelingen
      > MKA: Gregory A. Miller
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