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5957Re: [Ayreton] Re: [Village Green] Lost-and-Found at Festival of Maidens

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  • AlexdeSet@aol.com
    Jan 30, 2011
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           Thanks for the note, Master Etienne! I am well thanks to my Lady, Maggie. She kissed the stump of my missing finger (never forget to bring to court a piece of paper the King tells you to bring) and it regenerated. All is well. Besides, my missing digit was the little finger on my left hand.
      Alexander "ten fingers" de Seton

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      Ask Alexander de Seaton about it. He may have left it after the previous year's schtick.

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      Okay, so I'm scanning down the list quickly, and the way the text wrapped it looks like 'Index Finger' is a separate entry, and I'm thinking, Wow, that must've been one hell of an event... 

      } ; )  Moose
      The almost right life is nothing at all. The right life is dangerous, open-ended, more questions than answers, a map to undiscovered countries.
      -- 'Chasing Shakespeares' by Sarah Smith

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      Subject: [Village Green] Lost-and-Found at Festival of Maidens

      I just wanted to thank everyone for a wonderful event. The weather was kind
      to us, the Union was spacious, and the people were all delightful to behold.
      I look forward to seeing all of you back next year. :)

      In addition, I thought I should post the lost-and-found items we came across
      after the event. They are as follows:

      Red Camp Chair (No markings)
      Blue Bi-colored Camp Chair (Bottom nearly torn out of bag)
      Brown Leather Fencing Gloves (Men's Large)
      White Leather Fencing Gloves with a Yellow Cuff and Black Duct Tape on the
      Index Finger
      Black Golf Glove (Women's Small)
      Blue Cyclone Waterbottle
      Tan Fencing Hood with a Very Short Liripipe
      Green Fabric Belt with Beads Sewn on the Ends
      Camouflage Knitted Scarf
      Brown Braided-Leather Belt
      Black Winter Glove (Women's Large)
      Silver Sunglasses
      Black Knit Tie of Some Sort

      If you see something that you own - or know who might own something listed
      above - please feel free to contact me off-list and we will make
      arrangements to get the items to you as quickly as possible.

      Yours in Eternal Service to the Crown of the Middle Kingdom,
      Lady Roana Aldinoch
      Deputy Event Steward
      Festival of Maidens XXXVIII

      "Anyone who knows history, particularly the history of Europe, will, I
      think, recognize that the domination of education or of government by any
      one particular religious faith is never a happy arrangement for the people."

      ~Eleanor Roosevelt *

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