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5929Re: [Ayreton] An open letter to the landed Barons and Baronesses of the Midlands

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  • Scribesquire@comcast.net
    Jan 20, 2011
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      I find myself most upset by this turn of events.  Does not the Barony of Ayreton have a rapier champion who also wears the black tabard of the Thieves of Hearts?  Was not agreement made when we appointed her so that no such things would happen inside the borders of the fair Barony of Ayreton?  And to brazenly take into custody a visiting baronial cousin while the Royal Family was in attendance!!!!


      This is an insult most visual.   Likewise, reparations most visual must be made. 


      I look forward to the discusson we shall have on Saturday.



      Baron Ayreton


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      During the recent celebration of 12th Night, in the Canton of Tree-Girt-Sea, Ayreton Barony, a fine crystal sword was presented before the assemble royalty, chivalry and populace to commend the prowess of the Baronial rapier champions of the Midlands, and to recognize them as the premier rapier fighters of the realm.

      We of the Thieves of Hearts feel that a grave oversight has occurred.

      Perhaps we have been lax, of late, in displaying our prowess. Perhaps this dereliction has caused the Barons and Baronesses of the Midlands to overlook us in their search for the premier practitioners of our craft. To that end, we have taken the Baroness Caroline under our protection. Our skills and our swords shall be set to guarding her excellency against all those who might seek to remove her from our custody. She will remain under our protection until such time as the champions of the baronies of the Midlands should seek us out to settle this matter. If they should decide to deliver to us the crystal sword - which, as represented, belongs to the premier rapier fighters of the realm - we may consider releasing her Excellency into their protection.


      The Thieves of Hearts

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