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592Re: [Ayreton] FYI for Saturday - Site VERY DRY!! Please read this important message

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  • Dayle Harding
    Jan 17, 2007
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      What does the event flyer say?  I know that they have a bar there, so it's not totally dry.  And, it a hotel, so we can certainly drink in our rooms.  I think the issue is for those places like schools, where it is forbidden by law.

      As I think of it, we were sipping drinks in the lobby area  last year, in full site of the main desk, and nothing was said.


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      Are you saying Maidens is dry?

      ladyscribe07 <ladyscribe07@ yahoo.com> wrote:

      Hi all,
      >Got this FYI from Greyhope site. Speaks volumes. Please forward
      >this onto anyone who you might need to know. Especially for this
      >Something to think about!!!
      >Posted by: "Mandy Meroux" mandymeroux@ yahoo.com mandymeroux
      >Wed Jan 10, 2007 12:07 pm (PST)
      >This was forwarded to the Pel-net. I'm forwarding it here -
      >*********** * ******
      >I'm forwarding this from several different sources.
      >I'm quoting Baron Gregoire's post on the Legio site
      >"As many of you probably remember, Cynnabar hosted
      >Kingdom 12th Night in Saline January 2005.
      >As of this morning, we have learned and confirmed that
      >the SCA is no longer welcome in the Saline School
      >District. This is unfortunate as they have a number of
      >buildings at reasonable rates for large events.
      >We were shocked about this turn of events - we had
      >worked hard to leave the school cleaner than we found
      >it, obeyed all rules set for us, and even had offered
      >to pay for the damages of an unfortunate pewter spill
      >during a casting class. No one called and told us that
      >we had done something wrong. We learned of this
      >through the grape vine.
      >The cause of our persona non grata status? A series of
      >empty alcohol containers discovered in the trash cans
      >after the event.
      >If you have ever tried finding an event site, you know
      >that it is the hardest part of running an event. When
      >we do find them, we want to keep them.

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