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5893Barter yourself a Trip to Gulf Wars! Read More!

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  • Gregory 'Ash' Miller
    Jan 13, 2011
      Greetings and good day to you,

      What I present below is an offer to Help someone who will help my fiance and Me at Gulf Wars.

      I have a Site Fee, Transportation, Road Food and a Small Private Cabin Tent for One person to Attend Gulf Wars this March. The offer is to have a person join us for the week at Gulf Wars who is otherwise interested in attending but not able to do so due to lack of funds and/or transportation to the Event.  You would be asked to do some work for us on this trip, such as:
      1. Helping us to set up our camp.
      2. Doing your own Share of Camp chores for our Camp.
      3. Run some errands with/for us.
      4. Accompany us with our Shopping.
      5. Help us keep our Personal Space clean and organized.
      6. Assist us with our wardrobe.
      7. Help us with "wake up" calls.
      8. Be prepared to help us with scheduling for us, such as reminders of events we want to attend and helping us get there sometimes.
      9. Washing Dishes.
      10. Breaking camp and loading up for Return Trip.
      The person who comes with will, in effect, be acting as a personal assistant / retainer to us and must meet the following requirements to fill this position:

      1. You Must be 18 y/o or Older.
      2. Involved with the Society (Membership not required)
      3. Be prepared to camp in our encampment (Private Tent Provided)
      4. Be prepared to hang out with Calontir.
      5. Must be Social (Enjoy getting to meet new people, because you will)
      6. You MUST Be Gay Friendly (Gay Couple Here)
      7. Able to Carry about 25 LBS without assistance.
      8. Available, March 12th - March 20th
      9. Able to pay for your own Food (Camp Meal Plan is excellent and only 35 dollars for the full Week!)
      10. Able to provide your own Spending Cash! (We MIGHT be able to throw in $50.00 for Midnight Madness)
      11. Provide your own Garb at least, we could help provide some Feast Gear if needed.
      12. Provide your own Air Mattress (up to a queen size) and/or other bedding.
      That is about it, You will have ample free time during the war, we will make sure of it.

      If you are interested, please contact me privately off list, I will be in attendance at the Midrealm 12th Night in Chicago this Saturday (Jan. 15th).

      Thank you for your Time,

      Herr Alexander Adelbrecht von Markelingen
      Ashton G.A. Schoeffler-Miller
      Residing in Tree-Girt-Sea, Barony of Ayreton, Midrealm
      Subject of the Crown of Calontir, via their Shire of Flinthyll