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5887Re: Ayreton Archery Practice - 1/12/11

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  • The Stoutmaker
    Jan 13, 2011
      Last nights scores are now posted to the Winter Challenge list.

      --- In Ayreton@yahoogroups.com, "The Stoutmaker" <stoutmaker72@...> wrote:
      > Last night we had 2 archers improve on their Winter Challenge scores. Henry of Exeter went from 67 to 70. Nicely done your Excellency!
      > And Verena Entenwirth went from 87 to 100! Congratulations on breaking into triple digits and moving into the top 20 on the winter challenge recurve list. (as soon as I report the scores later today)
      > Also a big horray to Isabel of Kenniston who came out and posted her first WC score of the season last night! Once reported this will give Aryeton 9 archers reporting scores for the WC, tying them with Sternfeld.
      > We now only need one more score to put Ayreton at the top of the Middle Kingdom list. Knowing the regulars and semi-regulars we have I can see us easily increasing our #'s by at least another 6-8 archers. So if you haven't gotten the chance score this, please get your scores in soon. Also, I will be running Winter Challenge each Wednesday at the Custom Archery Shop practice. So if you
      > need a venue, come see us, have some fun and we'll get you in on the fun and your score on the board.
      > Best of luck to everyone and good shooting.
      > (See below for a complete list of scores from last night)
      > Baron Henry of Exeter:R(ns) # 35 - 69+1 (Increased score)
      > Lady Verena Entenwirth:R(ns) #35 - 98+2 (Increased score)
      > Isabel of Kenniston:R(ns) #35 - 19 (First reported score)
      > HL Lukas Mesmer:R(ns) #45 - 78
      > Emma:R(ns) #35 - 35+2
      > In service,
      > HL Lukas Mesmer
      > Ayreton Archery Champion
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