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5884Current Reported Winter Challenge Scores - Ayreton

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  • The Stoutmaker
    Jan 13, 2011
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      Liam Martini (R #50 ns) 112 Ayreton Middle
      Verena Entenwirth (R #35 ns) 100 Ayreton Middle
      Dougal MacAlister (PL #110 ns) 86 Ayreton Middle
      Lukas Mesmer (R #45 ns) 85 Ayreton Middle
      Emma (R #35 ns) 70 Ayreton Middle
      Henry of Exeter (R #35 ns) 70 Ayreton Middle
      Philippa of Otterbourne (L #30 ns) 44 Ayreton Middle
      Jane the Tall (RM #35 ns) 36 Ayreton Middle
      Isabel of Kenniston(R #25 ns) 19 Ayreton Middle

      This is the listing of the 9 fantastic archers who have taken part in the Winter Challenge on behalf of our great barony. Add your name to the role by coming out and joining in on the fun.

      In Service,
      HL Lukas Mesmer
      Ayreton Archery Champion