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5882Fwd: Fundraiser Collection & Auction at TGS 12th Night

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  • Nadezda
    Jan 11, 2011
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      please cross post-
      For those of you who have been asking about donations, this is from HRH Runa:

      Begin forwarded message:

      > I do have clothing
      > sizes for Denewulf's family. Denewulf wears a size 3x shirt, and 40x 34
      > pants. Reignlief wears size 16-18. The kids are Chord (15 years old)
      > 20-32 pants and a men's medium shirt. Marlayna (also 15) Women's/ Juniors
      > size 5, Med-large size shirt. Evan is a 14 husky pant and a men's small
      > shirt.
      > as far as what they need, it is all the small stuff that you don't think
      > about until you need it. The TV survived (the casing is melted, but
      > otherwise it works) I believe they have a microwave and all of the major
      > things you think about needing. They still need a lot of smaller SCA
      > stuff like feast gear, camping gear, etc. Reignleif will be attending
      > this weekend.
      > As far as the other family, I am not as familiar as to their needs. I was
      > told that they would have a representative there to get items they still
      > need, but I do not know what these items are. They are in a rental home
      > and are busy planning the layout for a new home to be built.
      > Both families have been overwhelmed with the amount of support that has
      > come from their communities and from the Society.
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