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5876Fw: [Midlaurel] SCA folks lose everything in house fire

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  • Jen Small
    Jan 10, 2011
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      For those who are interested in donating for the families who lost their stuff in the fire, here's the details on one of them.  I am collecting $$ for a gift certificate to Halcyon Yarns for the lady -- let me know if you'd like to chip in and how much, and I'll get the gift certificate.  Then, you can just pay me at 12th night.


      Ginny Beatty <mizginny@...>
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      Subject: Re: [Midlaurel] SCA folks lose everything in house fire

      Here's some more information if you would like to help out Leah of High Wycombe
      and Ragnar of Birka, from Flaming Gryphon.

      Gas cards and gift cards to department/super stores never fail to help but on a
      personal side of things Sarah (Elisabetta Foscaria), her daughter, has given
      ideas for them, "Mom loves anything having to do with spinning, weaving, bobbin
      lace, and Pergamano. She was extremely upset about the loss of her 3 floor looms
      - she has had those since I was a child - that was very hard for her. As far as
      Eric, he likes archery, historical books about WWII, Sci-Fi - Stargate series,
      and is very big into Nordic things."