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577March event question

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  • suzanearley@comcast.net
    Jan 4, 2007
      Need to know from event stewards:
      a) how many to feed
      b) how many courses + dessert
      c) how much to charge for b per person.
      I gotta get going on a budget..... and lots of non-standard frozen birds are now in the supermarkets cheap from the holidays.
      To make it authentic, I'm looking at a) spring foods, b) lenten stuff (barnacle geese?), c) venice is on a delta so waterfowl and fish would be easy to get.
      Looking at free goose breast, could maybe get free freshwater trout. Would like to also do duck, lamb, perhaps rabbit and/or suckling pig.

      Also want to do real semolina pasta (borrowing pasta makers would be nifty so we can make that a bit ahead of time).

      Iago and Ottokar would be helping so far, as well as my brother and perhaps my sister for kitchen grunt work and Mistress Helene Gabrielle for recipe stuff.
      I'll be at 12th night in Tregirtsea, happy to discuss.