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5760Thank you, all who taught/attended at MKHSS

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  • Jill Elaine Hughes
    Nov 7 8:22 AM
      The MKHSS at Vanished Wood's All Soul's event was a great success.  Thanks as follows (and apologies to anyone I may have missed):
      Thank you to all those who taught classes: Meister Konrad, Lord Brynn, Lord Gilebert, Mistress Elena, THL Gavin, THL Damian, Dame Anna, Mistress Angharad, Herrn Iohannes, Lord Justice, Mistress Roewynne, Meisterin Katerina, Baron Master Dafydd, and Master Phillip.  (I also taught 2 classes, so thank you to Master Sean and Dame Nicholaa for watching my son so I could teach.)
      Thanks to THL Jocelyn for doing Q&A at the Scribal Roundtable, and thank you to all the scribes who sat chatting and working on scrolls together.
      Thanks to Meister Konrad, Lord Gilebert,THL Damien, Master Vorlin, Lord Brynn, and any other heralds who spent any time consulting with clients.
      Thanks to Mistress Acelina and THL Katherine for your assistance in class coordination and site management, and thanks to Master Sean and his crew for setup/cleanup.
      And thanks to all the members/officers of Vanished Wood for putting on such a great event.
      Marissa de Courette, Vanished Wood Pursuiviant


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