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  • Ayreton@yahoogroups.com
    Nov 1, 2010
      The Ayreton Yahoo! Group is used to post news, make announcements, and for discussion of interest to all groups in the Chicago area. We encourage all people of Ayreton to subscribe and receive email or digests, so although it is not prohibited, please try to keep chatting to the local group mailing lists.

      To prevent spam, we unfortunately require new members' first post be approved by the moderators before being able to post to the mailing list. (This is better than requiring moderators to approve every member or every post individually.)

      The message archive and calendar are available to the public, not just to our members, so please be aware of this when posting messages and calendar events. Also, members can elect to hide their email address from being displayed anywhere within the group. This is done so people who wish to maintain their privacy can still get/view the announcements for the area. Members who choose this option cannot post by sending email, and must log in to the Yahoo! Groups page to post.

      These policies are open to discussion, and any grievances should be brought up to the group owners by sending email to ayreton-owner@yahoogroups.com

      Discourse on this list is requested to be kept to Ayreton-wide issues such as discussion on the Barony process, Ayreton Carnival and any other such area wide issues. Discourse shall be kept civil as it is entirely possible to disagree with out being diagreeable. Personal attacks of any kind and general rudeness are in direct violation of this policy. The decision if a violation has occurred is entirely at the discretion of the moderators. Violators will be given three warnings and then banned from posting to the Ayreton Yahoo! Group. Moderators will try to give polite reminders first before giving any official warnings, however, this is at their discretion. Banning from posting will last for three months and then the individual banned must draft an apology letter for their behavior that led to them being banned. They will then be put on moderated posting status until the moderators feel they will comply with the posting rules of this Yahoo! Group. We encourage everyone to partipate in Ayreton-wide discussions and express freely their opinions without worry of reprisal from the moderators. We simply ask that you do so in a chivalrous and courteous manner and without attacking anyone.

      Yours In Service,
      The Ayreton Yahoo! Group Moderators
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