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  • Michael Tyderek
    Jan 3, 2007
      Greetings Good Gentles,
      I'm just going to post the high scores for the Winter Challenge.  This is an ongoing challenge for all Society archers to keep their skills honed during the winter months.  Scores are lumped in all shooters and then divided my bow type.
      As every Wednesday when we practice, I keep a running tally of our scores and submit them as the archers improve.  I hope that other groups are doing the same.  Some nights the range is empty and availible for more timed shooting, and other nights are very busy, as it's a public range, so it's a little hit or miss. 
      Draco Invictus!
      Current High Scores:
      Dougal MacAlister - 124
      Jane Carlisle the Tall - 65
      Sabah al-Rashid - 50
      Iago normally comes weekly, but he's not been there on a night where the range is availible for scoring.  Hopefully tonight we can get some improved scores down.
      Dougal MacAlister

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