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5658LAST CALL for MKHSS Classes and Roundtable Facilitators

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  • Jill Elaine Hughes
    Oct 6, 2010
      Hi everyone---
      We currently have 13 confirmed classes scheduled for MKHSS at the All Souls event on November 6.  We have room for up to 12 more classes, but WE NEED YOUR INFO NOW so we can begin scheduling.
      If you want a firm timeslot (and a pick of morning or afternoon), you must get your class info in to either myself or my co-administrator Mistress Acelina of Derelai NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 22.  (We will still accept classes after that date if we still have the space, but you would have to accept whatever timeslot you are given.)
      We will accept any classes that have to do with either heraldic disciplines or the scribal arts.  We are adding classes to the list on the event website as we receive them at http://www.vanishedwood.org/all-souls.php
      We already have a great list of classes lined up, and we look forward to seeing more come in.  We are also in need of both heralds and scribes to staff the heralds' consulting table and the Scribal Roundtable.  If you would be interested in doing either (or both) please also get in touch with me as soon as possible.
      We hope that every available scribe and herald in the kingdom comes out for this great symposium!
      Yours in Service,
      Lady Marissa de Courette
      Vanished Wood Pursuiviant



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