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5535Lost Cooler at Rose Tourney/Foxhunt

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  • Jill Elaine Hughes
    Sep 11, 2010
      Dear all---
      First off, let me send a big HOOBAH out to Ayreton and to our autocrats for such a fabulous event and Investiture today!  And a great bow to our beautiful Ladies of the Rose and the fighters who defended their honor so valiantly.
      Second, on a more mundane note, I lost track of my soft-sided lunch cooler on the list field today.  I set up a day camp next to the Thieves of Hearts where I left a blue soft-sided lunch cooler alongside my chair when I went to go teach an A&S class.  When I returned the cooler had disappeared, and I was unable to locate it anywhere nearby.  If anyone saw it, put it in lost and found, or accidentally mistook it for their own (it's a very common and popular design) can you please email me off-list?  It contained a Baby Bel soft Gouda cheese and a ripe peach. 
      It's my husband's lunch cooler that he takes to work each day, so he's a little irate it didn't come home with me.  Many thanks in advance.
      Lady Marissa de Courette


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