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5513Re: [Ayreton] the Ayreton Song by Lady Isabel

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  • Jeffnaggie
    Sep 9, 2010
      Whooo  hooooo!!!!  WE HAVE A SONG!!!  Thanks to all involved, one of my greatest memories of my very early days in the SCA was learning the words to "The Kings of the Midrealm" and singing it with the populace when Their Majesties progressed into court.
      Hobah and vivat!

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      From: Fern <fern1445-tgs@...>
      To: Ayreton <Ayreton@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Thu, Sep 9, 2010 12:58 pm
      Subject: [Ayreton] the Ayreton Song by Lady Isabel

      Dear Ayreton,
      There are many good projects in prepartion for the Investiture this weekend. I happen to know about some of the music projects.
      Do you remember the baronial "Wish List" from the Zephyr this summer?   One of the wishes was for an Ayreton Song, and this wish was fulfilled at Pennsic! Lady Isabel Ximena Galiano de Valera of Rokkehealden wrote a wonderful poem at Pennsic. Master Robyyan has set the words to a 13th century tune and it will be performed by the Baron's Noyse, the Pippens, and Court & Country this weekend.
      Isabel, would you be so kind as to post your original poem? I think that lots of people would like to read it ahead of time!
      Thank you very much,

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