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  • Amy Gibbons
    Sep 6, 2010
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      I willl be there  on Friday about 5 and I have already volunteered for troll where ever you need me.  Lord Aaron has volunteered for herald where ever needed.  We will do feast.  We are from Ravenslake.  Can't get there any earlier because of Lord Aaron work commitments.  Signing up today for camping.  So three is out of the questions.  We have a history of keeping our commitments.  We are bringing a newbie.  Possibly bringing a newbie.  So put us down for feast.  Ravenslake is also tending consort table.  815-675-5314 after 3:30    Lady Brigitte/Amy   Lord Aaron/Wayne  p.s.  We both have drivers' licenses.

      From: Cynthia McCowin <c.wong.mccowin@...>
      To: ayreton@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sun, September 5, 2010 10:00:51 PM
      Subject: [Ayreton] Servers needed for Fox Hunt/Ayerton Investiture/Rose Tourney/...



      As Fox Hunt/Ayerton Investiture/etc. quickly approaches I am reaching out asking for help serving feast.  Historically, the Foxvale Servers have served at the outlying groups and enjoyed similar help when it has come time for Foxvale to host their  events. This year, as a collective Barony, the division of that labor is a bit gray as Foxvale Servers now need the assistance at our collective event! We need to pull together even more so as this is a most auspicious occasion. To date, we have had only 3 volunteers outside of the Foxvale Server group and we need you! There are roughly 200 active members in the Incipient Barony of Ayerton and I need just 9 more pairs of hands to help us serve feast! First come first served, so to speak.

      Nine more servers will complete our crew of sixteen.  Fourteen servers will be serving tables and two will be dedicated to drinks.

      For those who have volunteered:

      THANK YOU! Your willingness to give of your time, especially on this big occasion, is particularly generous; we would all like to sit and enjoy the very first Ayerton Feast, but kudos to you for stepping up and volunteering.

      Second: Please sign in at troll so that I know you are there. If you have not signed in at troll by 3PM, I will replace your spot and, of course, the invitation to enjoy the wonderful repast free of charge.


      Third: Servers will be fed before serving, so you will get to partake of the fabulous feast before anyone else :).  The servers meeting is scheduled for 3: 30 and dinner for us immediately afterward (around 4:00) (Court Begins sometime between the end of the Rose Tourney and 5:00).  Please keep in mind that the time is subject to change based on the needs of the kitchen so keep an ear out starting around 3 for the announcement of a servers meeting. If this changes, heralds will announce the time change and I will place a new time at troll (time permitting).

      Fourth: Bonus points for Roman-ish garb.

      Finally: After feast, all servers will assist with general clearing of the tables and pick up.  There is an added challenge to this year’s feast as I understand that most of the dishes will need to be transported back to the kitchen via a truck/car.


      Thanks everyone!


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