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5493Baronial Advancement ceremoney

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  • BaronessBaron Ayreton
    Sep 2, 2010


      Much of this was touched on during the meeting Sunday, however, here is what we have by way of an outline of the ceremony.


      Baronial Advancement will take place during morning court (10:30am)


      Ayreton Officers will be called up as a group first to start the ceremony and affirm desire for advancement to full status.


      Officers/Reps of the member groups will be called up one by one in reversed order of precedence, to affirm their desire for advancement to full status.

      1. Foxvale
      2. Rokkhelden
      3. Vanished Woods
      4. Grey Gargoyles
      5. Tree Girt Sea


      Note: we are having just the officers and/or reps up to avoid having a majority of the attendance have to stand up take a step forward etc., since that would just be messy. Instead, those wanting to acknowledge their membership, but not participating in the procession, may simply stand in place.


      During this procession, the seneschal’s/heralds/their reps have been asked to boast of their history or other anecdotes.


      Once full status has been awarded, the prospective baroness and baron will be called up.


      THL Nadezda ze Zastrizl,  Sgt Henry of Exeter
      (prosective) Baroness, Baron Ayreton