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5476MKAOD Scholarships

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  • AlexdeSet@aol.com
    Aug 25, 2010
      Greetings, Cousins!
           The Middle Kingdom Academe of Defense, thanks to generous donations by several people, is pleased to offer Scholarships to this year's Academe. That is, MKAOD will grant gate fees ($10) to at least 4 folks from each of the Regions (Midlands, North Oaken, South Oaken, Pentamere, Constellation) who request them. If there is a sufficiency of funds we will hand out some gas money, too.
           So far only FOUR people have contacted me to request Scholarships:
      Criespine de la Vallee and Thomasina from Fenix, South Oaken
      Brian O'hUilliam from Middle Marches, North Oaken
      Briana of Darkhorse from Rivenstar, Constellation
           So, at least 4 scholarships for Midlands, 3 from Constellation, 3 from North Oaken, 2 from South Oaken, and 4 from Pentamere are still available. We want you to come to the Middle Kingdom Academe of Defense so badly that (thanks to our generous donors) we will pay your way through the gate, and maybe some gas money.
           Send your request for scholarships to "alexdeset"at"aol"dot"com. I will answer all requests. If you receive a Scholarship you will print my reply and turn it in at the Gate for your entry fee.
           Thank you for your attention!
           A big Thank You to our donors (you know who you are!
      Alexander de Seton