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5471Thank-you gifts for Ladies of the Rose

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  • Fern
    Aug 24, 2010
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      Dear Ayreton,

      We are very popular! So far, 17 Ladies of the Rose have said they are planning to attend our Investiture/ Rose Tourney! This may be a record number of teams and I believe that it is a strong show of support for our new Barony.

      However, more Ladies of the Rose means that the idea of thank-you gift bags may need to be expanded. It might even be smart for us to plan for 20. Wow, that would be amazing!

      Many nice people have given me suggestions and offers of things for the gift bags. At this time, it would be a good idea to get a count of how many things are being made or collected, and when they will be ready. Trying to put together 17 gift bags on the day of the event would be a difficult job!

      Please email to me, or to the list if you prefer, some information on how many items you can provide. Even if they are not ready yet, please tell me how many you think will be ready. It's OK if we don't have 17 exact duplicates--mixing and matching will just make it more interesting! As you might guess, there is still room for more contributions!

      As part of my contribution, I have finished an embroidered rose and will make it a pincushion. This is the rose from the pattern of http://www.dragonbear.com/cenrose.html.
      I will also make one, or more sachets, decorated with lace and ribbons. I expect to bring these finished items to the Baronial meeting on Sunday for Show and Tell.

      Thank you in advance for your artful and craftful assistance!


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