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5432Chicago Mensa Halloweem Large-Scale Demo on October 29

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  • Margrett Norwoode
    Aug 16, 2010
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      It's time for more specific plans for the Mensa demo, lords and ladies.
      Cynthia from Mensa has contacted me now that Pennsic is over and needs to start making concrete plans for our Friday demo/"mini renaissance faire." So I would appreciate replies as soon as possible as she needs this settled within the next week or two.
      Back in March (March 29-30, if you're searching digests or messages), I had commitments from a number of people to assist (I will be emailing you all separately later today).
      But I need more people to jump in on this, more information about what we are doing there and more specific space & equipment needs to give to Cynthia so she can make arrangements with the hotel in advance. I want us to make a large impact that will resonate andhave us be remembered. I made a small step with my presentation last year but it was well-received and I want to build on it with this demo.
      She has reserved the ballroom for us from 9am to 4pm on Friday, October 29. I will be there to coordinate as I have taken the day off work.
      Who else can be there and what can we offer her in the areas of fighting, entertainment, A&S, static displays, kids activities and merchanting? What will we need for equipment, furniture or space needs?
      Here is the event website. The event is taking place at the Westin in Wheeling, which is not far from multiple Metra lines. It is right next to the intersection of Lake-Cook Rd and Milwaukee Ave. We would be a major part of their FriPlay programming.
      Many thanks,

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