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5418Cian of the Amber Mists

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  • Dolores Becker
    Aug 2, 2010
      I just spoke with Kharmin, and she asked me to announce this to the lists -

      Late Tuesday night Cian of the Amber Mists, former Khan of the Great Dark Horde and a longtime friend to many of us, was taken to the hospital at his request due to problems breathing.  His lungs could no longer expel the carbon dioxide so he was always short of breath even though he was on oxygen.  He had pretty much given up.  If you knew Cian, you knew that he would not wish or consent to endure attached to a machine.  The decision was made with his family to remove his breathing tube.  This was done under anaesthesia, without the expectation that he would regain consciousness.

      Early Saturday morning, Cian rode on into the next great passage of his existence.  I was asked to say that it was peaceful, planned, intentional, purposeful and gentle. 

      There is so much more that could be said, I am at a loss for what to select and where to begin, so I will leave it all for other times, or other voices.

      There will be a celebration of his life that will take place after Pennsic, and further information will be forthcoming after Pennsic.  Kharmin will be at Pennsic. 

      Ride well, dear heart.

      Tengri smile upon you all

      Berngard Solgai, called Moose
      The almost right life is nothing at all. The right life is dangerous, open-ended, more questions than answers, a map to undiscovered countries.
      -- 'Chasing Shakespeares' by Sarah Smith

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