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  • Dayle Harding
    Jul 30, 2010
      And, your IPass works in Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  You can go straight to the EZ Pass lanes and not wait in the other lines...

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      As I usually do this time of year- I issue a road report for those of you going to Pennsic-- 
      Here you go: 
      I -80- Ohio - East of a line drawn south from Cleveland- There is a short construction zone before you reach the last exit in Ohio for Route 7- a bridge is being worked on and shuts the traffic east bound to one lane. Sometimes the back up is pretty long. Sometimes it is the left lane closed- sometimes it is the right lane. Slow down after you pass the exits for Rte 11 North and for Rte 193. It is worst late in the day- there have been 2 bad accidents in recent months and the truck traffic is often heavy late in the afternoon. 
      You could get off at Belmont Ave- Rte 193- get lunch and by pass it if necessary by using Rte 304 go about 5 miles to Rte 616- then north on 616 about 2 miles to I 80 on the other side of the zone. If you are a country fried steak junkie- Truck World at exit 234 has good ones I am told. Plenty of fast food available there too. Buy your gasoline in Ohio ( about 2.58 a gallon )- gas is HIGHER in PA by 10 cents and more 
      I - 70- Ohio- East of a line drawn south from Cleveland/ I -77. ODOT shows one 5 mile long construction zone just East of Morristown OH. near the exit for Rte 149. The rest areas on both East and West bound sides which are past this zone are currently closed. You have clear sailing after this all the way except when you got North to join I -76 - I 79 north to Pennsic 
      I - 80 down I - 79 South to Pennsic - All good- no zones according to PennDot 
      I - 80 - Ohio Turnpike- East of a line drawn south from Cleveland- No construction zones of note to the exit going East on I 80 
      I - 80- Pennsylvania- East of I - 79 - Two zones of construction west of Clarion Pa. 
      I - 79 from I - 90 down to Pittsburgh is clear of zones 
      I - 376 ( what we know of as PA 60 ) is also clear. 
      see you soon! 
      Dirk Edward of Frisia 
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