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    Jul 29, 2010
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      Found it.

      Monetary donations can be made via Paypal to pinkfluffydoom@ msn.com, funds should arrive preferably by Friday, July 30th if possible to expedite getting the order, although any donations afterwards would be fine- Please include a note with your Scadian and mundane names and such so I know where it's coming from. I will be ordering the toys from this fund rather than taking toy donations as it really works best to have the same stuff in all three hundred bags.


      On Jul 28, 2010, at 10:47 PM, Mfswarthout@ aol.com wrote:

      Thank you Johnnae,  I have one other question.  Do you know what the rest of the email would be to paypal email indicated below?  It says pinkfluffydoom@ ...  Do you know what the ... is?  Thank you!  Olivia:)

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