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537Page-for-a-Day at Tree-Girt-Sea Twelfth Night

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  • ladyevzenie
    Dec 4, 2006
      There will be a Youth Pointe at Tree-Girt-Sea's Twelfth Night on
      January 13th. We will be running the Page-for-a-Day program.
      Students already enrolled in the Page School can come and get some
      service hours for their Page School requirements. Children who are
      not enrolled in the Page School can just sign up to help out.

      We need 2 things in order to make our Page Pointe a success. We need
      age-appropriate jobs for kids at all age levels (5-18 years), and
      kids who are willing to sign up to help.

      If you are coming to Kingdom Twelfth Night and have jobs that kids
      can do--and this can be anything from helping merchants carry things
      in and set up, to helping class teachers set up or clean up their
      rooms, to assisting with the parts of our day-long feast, please let
      us know. Even members of the populace can employ kids to help carry
      things in and get set up. We can put you on the list of employers
      and get you set up with a Page. You do not need to have a day-long
      job. Even a task that you need help with for an hour so is great
      too. Please check with Page Pointe near troll to sign up as an

      If you are coming to Twelfth Night with a youth (ages 5-18) who is
      either already enrolled in the Page School program or who is just
      interested in helping out, please come find us at Page Pointe--near
      troll. We can get your child hooked up with people who need their
      help. The kids can work as much or as little as they want--if they
      want to work for an hour washing dishes in the kitchen and that's
      all, that's fine; if they want to work all day with one person
      that's fine, if they want to work a variety of jobs for a variety of
      people we will do what we can to get them hooked up.

      Youth DO NOT need to be enrolled in the Page School in order to
      participate. They can sign up for the Page School at the event, or
      they can just help out and not worry about the paperwork. If they
      are signed up for the Page School they will receive Service Hours
      credit for their work.

      Some things to consider about Page Pointe at Twelfth Night:
      --Page Pointe is not babysitting. We are not babysitting your child.
      Employers are not babysitting your child. Parents need to be
      involved with their children's employment, to the degree which is
      appropriate for their age level (in other words if our autocrat
      would like your 5-year-old to help distribute items for the gift-
      game, you may need to accompany them as well; whereas if your 16-
      year-old is employed washing dishes in the kitchen you may not be as

      --Please don't force your child to participate. They should be
      expressing some interest in helping out in some way.

      --Please consider your child's ability to handle being with another
      person for some period of time, taking direction from someone other
      than their parent, etc. If your child has separation anxiety issues
      or a short attention span you as a parent may need to be more

      --The children should actually be the ones doing the work. Don't let
      your child sign up to do a job and then take over the job yourself.

      We will do our best to make sure the kids have safe, fun, productive
      work. It's our responsibility to make sure everyone is playing by
      the rules, though any help with that would be appreciated. Also, if
      you would like to help run Page Pointe we would be happy to have
      help. Check in with Lady Evzenie or Lord Dietrich when you get to
      the event.

      If you would like more information or have questions please contact
      TGS Twelfth Night Page Pointe Coordinators Lady Evzenie or Lord
      Dietrich at davidpeg@...


      THL Evzenie Apolena Vitkovic