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  • Jennifer Tyderek
    Jul 10, 2010
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      Hello All!

      As we are getting nearer to Pennsic we thought we would share the list of items we need/want/wish for, one more time.

      * A gatorade cooler (the round kind)
      * One box of large Ziploc bags
      * Gatorade powder (any color but red or clear which are not allowed on the field)
      * Silver duct tape (at least one roll)
      * Four rolls of red duct tape
      * Four yards of lacing (for armor repair)
      * Two large bottles of Advil (no liquid gels please)
      * Two large bags of pretzels
      * One large jar of pickles
      * Bootlaces
      * New or used Swiss Army knives or leatherman tools
      * VOLUNTEERS!!!

      We are also happy to accept donations of money so we can purchase those items that aren't donated.

      We will be at the Sunday night Baronial meeting to collect any donations. In addition, once we know where the Barony of Ayreton camp will be at Pennsic we will let everyone know that as well so donations can be dropped off.

      We will also have a volunteer sign up sheet at the meeting on Sunday.

      Yours in Service,

      Jane the Tall
      Anne d'Aix
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