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5269Re: [Ayreton] It's so hard to say goodbye.

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  • Eleanor Hurckes
    Jul 7, 2010
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      Tis true, partings are the hardest part of life, but can be said of the heart as one friend & citizen to another, Your measure cannot be so easily replaced thus you will have left an empty hole withinn all of our hearts, but within that hole, remains cherished memories of those who know you best.  Times of Goodly things and times of laughter. Those are within the treasure room of one's heart that cannot be changed nor absconded. As the reason for your leave is to secure a bettermeans for your family, one can can only send with you wishes for you to come into your new lands with a renewed sense of adventure and they as welcoming of you for they are getting the best treasure of all, great fellow friends & citizens.
      I wish you God Speed in your Journey to a wonderfully fullfilled new life in your new lands. May God always have your back. May your home always be blessed with love & laughter of family & friends. May the home glow with memories yet to be made.
      I wish you peace. May you Journey safe.
      Safe Journeys & paths unto you.

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      Sorry to say, but the Longs are moving. We leave next Tuesday for Raleigh, NC. Anthony recieved a very good job offer that we can't pass up. I have a week to pack the house, sell what we're not taking, and tie up loose ends. If I had more time I'd do a proper goodbye and visit with everyone. Unfortunately that is not the case. If you wish to see us before we leave, we are in need of assistance with packing up and/ or wrangling babies (Anthony is still working his old job this week).
      with the best of wishes to all of you,
      Isabella De Bolsa
      mka Lanina Long

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