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5241Thanks to Jeff Fest Volunteers!

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  • nadezda_zezastrizl
    Jun 28, 2010
      Thank you so much to all of the volunteers that came out to help at Jeff Fest. I'm sorry it was so slow for the early shift volunteers, but obviously that was beyond my control. With other conflicts, and a new date & location for this event, there were many things to be learned by the planning staff, etc.

      Anyway, thank you to Susan, Wolfram, Vittoria, Ardena, Etienne, Fern, Robyyan, Twm, Julienne, Hillary, Gareth, Jane, Dougal, D'Vorah, Akim, Hal, Julianna, Richard and a special thanks Phebe, Kevie, and Eoghan who pulled 2 shifts each--Eoghan in one day! All of you rock!!! And I had a great time getting to know many of you a bit better.

      The Jefferson Park Chamber of Commerce President wished to extend his thanks, as do the other members of the Jeff Fest Planning Committee. It was one area of the fest that they didn't have to worry about because of our help, and in fact because we were so well staffed, were able to help out with another area of the event during an emergency (thank you again Akim!).

      I should also note that there were many inquiries made about the garb, and several could turn into new SCAdians. As for the percentage of the receipts, it will be a while before all tallys are in, but I will keep the list posted.

      Thank you!