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  • arwen_areyzaga
    Jun 22, 2010
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      Greetings good gentles of Ayreton!

      My mundane name is Arwen Domenico Areyzaga. I grew up in the S.C.A. and after a long absence have decided to rejoin. I originally hail from Upstate New York, and have lived in Illinois since 1993 (currently in Wheaton). My group back home was the Canton of Coppertree in the Barony of Delftwood. This used to be in the Kingdom of the East, but is now part of Aethelmearc. My persona used to be Italian Renaissance, and I'm still known to old friends as Lady Serena del Cavallo. However, I've long wanted a Japanese persona and am researching names, eras, and garb for the future.

      I would love to know when all your meetings are held, and about any upcoming local events. I'm particularly interested in dance and archery. I also have three children, ages 12, 8, and 3, and would like to hear about activities for younger folk.

      Finally, I am attending Pennsic this year (my first was Pennsic X, and I understand just a *few* things have changed since then ;)). I'm traveling solo this year, and wondered if anyone wanted to share the ride. I'll be camping with old friends in Yama Kaminari, but the ride out would be nicer spent in good company. Of course I want to meet folks first and get to know them, but it doesn't hurt to put that out now for advance planning.

      I look forward to meeting people in the local groups, and to making new friends. Oh, and Arwen *is* my birth name; that's what you get for being a 2nd generation Scadian, (and a flower child).

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