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520OT: Eostre Regia Training Event

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  • Folo Watkins
    Nov 28, 2006
      Micel Folcland is pleased to announce that for training officers from the
      United Kingdom will be coming over to the States for a week in early April
      in Urbana, Illinois (about two hours from Chicago and Indianapolis, and
      three hours from St. Louis). They will be teaching rebated steel combat,
      the inspection process, interacting with the public as well as talks on
      subjects such as cooking, textiles, music & dance and much more. Attendance
      is free, and non-members are welcome. Anyone interested in Dark Age and/or
      accurate historical interpretation will find plenty things of interest. No
      kit is required. Actual hands-on combat training may need to be restricted
      to members of Regia because of the number of interested persons, but
      memberships will be sold at the event.

      Although there will be five sessions, it is not expected that everyone can
      show up for every session. Keep in mind that all sessions but combat will
      be pertinent to accuracy for SCA impressions. Updated information is
      available on http://www.advancenet.net/folo/TrainingWeekend.htm

      Cheers, Folo