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51Intro To Rapier

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  • Valerie
    May 8, 2006
      I just want to thank everyone who has been attending the Introduction
      to Rapier Class at Grey Gargoyles Fighter Practices.

      This past sunday we had 9 people attending this class alone as well
      as others that attended the finding fabris class taught by Talib.

      Next Week we will starting on the different parries, attack
      calibration,attaking while parrying, and slope paces.

      Just a reminder for those taking my begining rapier class to bring
      the following with you on sunday.

      *Men Bring a Cup to Wear (we will start hitting each other with
      *Any SCA leagal Swords or Armor you own (if your not sure bring it
      and I can let you know)
      *Your Fencing Journal Notebook (I picked up some more for those of
      you that do not yet have one.)
      *Something to write with for your notebook :)

      Class starts at 2:30 and will typically run for 1hr-1hr 30 min
      depending on amount of material.

      I know return you to your regularly scheduled program.

      Moira O'Dorran