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5094Ayreton Polling Problems

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  • Ron Sargent
    May 23, 2010



      As most of you know, there have been a number of unique problems with the Ayreton polling process that the kingdom has not experienced in a while.  Some were the result of the flavor in which we enjoy the SCA in the Chicago area and some are with the mailings themselves.  We are still trying to determine what caused some of the mailing problems, as we receive the labels from the Corporate office.  I will be reporting on the progress of the polling at the next Curia meeting on May 31.  At that time, I will not have the results of the polls themselves and will only be discussing the issues you have faced with the process.


      Therefore, I would like to hear from anyone that has some type of problem with the polling process.  If you have already written me, you do not need to send again.


      I also want to know if you feel the polling process has been impacted by the issues you have experienced or heard about.  In other words, has there been enough damage done that we should consider a re-polling to ensure everyone has the chance to offer their counsel.


      Please send any comments to me at Seneschal@....  I would prefer not to spam this list with everyone's letters.


      In Service I Remain,


      Baron Thorvald Redhair

      Middle Kingdom Seneschal



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