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5059Ayreton Business Meeting Sunday May 16th

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  • Bernal Schooley
    May 11, 2010
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      Greeting Ayreton,

      The Ayreton Baronial Business Meeting is this Sunday in Batavia. Come make a day of it! 

      This meeting is being combined with the A&S Acadamy, a public demo and an Ayreton Militia practice from noon to 4:00 pm at the Batavia Public Library. Afterwards, dinner and the meeting will be at the East China Inn on Randall Road at 5:00 pm.

      Please wear garb for the academy and demo. There are restrooms at the library where you can change but please be considerate of the library patrons when changing and use a stall. 

      There's plenty of tables and chairs for our use, so bring A&S projects to display and to work on.

      There will be space for fighting demo's at scheduled times, but there is not room for a fully armored practice. Instead we will discuss tactics and do walk throughs in the parking lot. Those able and willing to armor up for the demo fighting are encouraged to do so. It's good for the public to see folks in wondering around in armor too, just be sure to wash it. :)




         Sunday May 16, 2010 
         Noon to 4:00 PM - A&S Academy, Public Demo, Ayreton Militia Practice at Batavia Public Library
         5:00 PM - Dinner and Meeting at East China Inn (on Randall Road in Batavia)


         Batavia Public Library
         10 South Batavia Avenue
         Batavia, IL 60510
         (630) 879-1393

         East China Inn
         (630) 879-5668
         9 S Randall Rd 
         Batavia, IL 60510 

         Note: There are two East China Inn's in Batavia. 
         We are in the back room of the one on Randall Road.


       • Ayreton Officer Reports
       • Baronial Polling
       • Ayreton Angels
       • Fox Hunt/Rose Tourney/Investiture Update
       • Crown / Kingdom gifts
       • Other Announcements
       • Upcoming Local Events

      Please forgive me, I know I'm missing something from the agenda that someone asked me to add. Please send me an email if you have something to discuss and I'll make sure to include it during the meeting.

      Baronial Polling Update:

      Keep an eye out in the mail for your polls. If you don't receive one via the mail, you will be able to get one soon from the Seneschal's page on the Midrealm website. Make sure to read the letters to the populous from the candidates for Baron and Baroness. They can be found on our website at "http://midrealm.org/ayreton/candidates.html".

      Officers, if you cannot make it, please send me what you would like to report or send your deputy with the report.

      In your service,
      --Richard de Scolay

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