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5052Fwd: [Northshield] Border Skirmish is COMING

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  • AlexdeSet@aol.com
    May 8, 2010
      Greetings to the Noble Halls of Northshield and beyond...
      Border Skirmish VII is just around the corner and what better place to be than 
      at the beach, soaking up the sun, and having fun shopping, taking classes, 
      singing/dancing, general merriment, and let's not forget.... hitting each other 
      with sticks!  LOTS of sticks!
      We have a lot of really fun activities this year that we believe you will keep 
      you smiling, learning and entertained all weekend long..... such as the castle 
      building competition, woodworking competition, LOTS of fighting during the day 
      and evening tourneys ...... shopping, classes, step through time in our period 
      encampment, see the SCA through the eyes of the mundanes during our demo, 
      oooh and awww" at the skilled arts on Artisan's Row, browse our Silent Auction, 
      revel in the pageantry of our King and Queen's presence and court, hear the 
      laughter from our youth activities, and lets not forget about the food.... oh, 
      glorious food ......  
      The Griffon and Dragon Tavern will be here this year to delight us with many of 
      our old favorites, and this year will also be offering dinner on Friday night, 
      and a pancake breakfast and lunch on Saturday!  Saturday night is the "BYOM and 
      a dish to pass" pot luck feast where once again, hot grills will be available to 
      cook your roast beast, and baked potatoes will be provided along with all the 
      A concert of performers will entertain us prior to court, bardic circles will 
      woo us in the evening by firelight, and the merriment of Captain Martini and his 
      crew will share their stories and ale to all with a coin or two as they sail 
      into port for a fun weekend!  
      General pre-registration is open and spaces are available by visiting our webste 
      Merchant Pre-Registration is also open.   This event will also have a public 
      demo at it, which could also be a great help to any merchants at the event. You 
      can find merchant registration information at the Border Skirmish website at:  
      Site Fees: 
      Tent Fee:  $ 5.00 per tent  [If you sleep in it, it’s a tent! Includes vehicles 
      used for sleeping and RVs, not a dining fly or armor cover in which you don't 
      Adults, Weekend, $14.00
      Students, Weekend, $10.00
      Senior Citizens (Age ), Weekend, $10.00
      Youth, Weekend (Age 6-17), $ 7.00
      Children (Age 0-5), Weekend, FREE of Charge
      Adults, 1-Day, $ 7.00
      Students, 1-Day, $ 7.00
      Senior Citizens (Age ), 1-Day, $ 7.00
      Youth (Age 6-17), 1-Day, $ 3.00
      Children (Age 0-5), 1-Day, FREE of Charge
      Border Skirmish wouldnt be complete without the skilled tradesmen and artists 
      who happily share their knowledge with others!  If you would like to teach a 
      class, please contact our Class Coordinator, THL Arnbjorn Karlsson to get on the 
      schedule!  [There will be limited shade flies available, however if you wish to 
      bring one to donate for the classes, it will be graciously accepted by the class 
      coordinator and class attendees!]
      We are always looking for volunteers to help make the event fun for everyone.... 
      many hands make light work... so if your interested in donating an hour of your 
      time, we would LOVE to spend the time with you and thank you in advance!  We are 
      currently seeking individuals who would donate a little time at Troll, Security, 
      Gate Entrance Guards, Parking Wranglers, Waterbearers, etc.  For a complete list 
      of all the areas/positions requiring volunteers. please visit our website at:  
      For questions, concerns, suggestions or simply more information about Border 
      Skirmish VII, please visit our website at: http://caeranterth.org/Calendar/BorderSkirmish/2010/index.php
      So spread the word near and far, bring your friends and kinsmen .... we are 
      excited about your arrival and wish you and yours safe travels in the weeks to 
      Humbly in Service. we remain.....
      Sigrid Svensdottir (CAM) & Calybrid Ine Tere (RL)
      Co-Stewards for BSVII