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5024A&S Activities and Call for Classes: Border Skirmish VII, June 11-13

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  • marie_la_f
    Apr 20, 2010
      Cross-Posted to: MidBards, Fraziers Oak, Village Green, Ravenslake; please feel free to forward to other groups.

      Greetings to the talented folk of the Middle Kingdom!

      Do you have a skill in the Arts and Sciences to share or display? Please join us at Border Skirmish VII, at lovely Simmons Island Park in Kenosha, WI! We are planning great opportunities for artisans of every interest and skill level.

      • Classes: TEACHERS NEEDED! At least two tracks to run all day on Saturday. Shady spaces provided – contact the class coordinators for other information.

      • Artisan's Row: On Saturday during certain hours, we will also have members of the public coming through the event on demo tours (as one condition of the site's availability for rental, since it is a public park). During this time in particular, it would be spectacular to have a good showing on the Artisans' Row, with special efforts made to hide mundanities, using historically authentic tools and materials, and also paying attention to such things as seating, drinking vessels, clothing, and so forth. Come spend time together, encourage each other to shine, and help show off portions of what we do to the public and potential new friends! Even if you don't have a project of your own, you could come along to talk about some of the things happening here, or to lend extra hands to someone displaying! Check out Calontir's Artisans' Exhibition In The Pennsic Marketplace for a wonderful example.

      • Competitions: Two sponsored competitions, one for woodworkers and one for would-be castle architects (and anyone else who enjoys the beach!).

      • Bardic Activities: Musicians, storytellers, and entertainers of all kinds are welcome to amuse and delight the populace throughout the day. The Saturday afternoon pre-Court Concert returns, as does the Saturday night Bardic Bonfire.

      The Border Skirmish VII website (http://caeranterth.northshield.org/Calendar/BorderSkirmish/2010/) has more details and contact information. The website is updated frequently, so come back often to see the latest schedule.

      Hope to see you there!
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