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502Sneak Peak RUM: Youth Arts and Education Class List

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  • Dean of Youth for RUM
    Nov 11, 2006

      Good Morning Unto the Youth, Parents and Friends of the Middle Kingdom.


      I hope everyone is happy and healthy.  I apologize if you receive this more than once but I wanted to give you a sneak peak of the classes that are being planed for the Youth at RUM on Dec. 2.   I still have a few slots open so times will be listed as RUM gets closer. If you would like to volunteer, please contact me directly.  If you have questions, comments, or concerns please email me directly.  Stay tuned for updates. J


      Please feel free to share with anyone who might be interested in attending.

      In Service,

      Akiko Catherine O’Brien

      Dean of Youth Arts and Education



      Tentatively Youth Arts and Education Class List for RUM


      Title of Class: Intro to Blackwork

      Instructor: Lady Sibeal ingheanMhurchadha


      Description of Class: Students will be given a brief history of Blackwork, and then will have a make and take instruction period. Students will leave with their work and notes to help them produce more works at their leisure.


      Number of students- 15

      Age restrictions:  minimum- 6 yrs

      Assistant: TBA

      Class Length: 1 hour

      Cost: no cost.


      Title of Class:  Figure Carving

      Instructor: THL Mary Buchanan


      Description of Class:  Students will choose from a selection of simple

      objects to carve, will learn how to transfer a 2-dimensional picture

      of the object into a 3-dimensional format, then will carve it in ivory

      soap with an X-Acto knife.


      Number of students:  20 hands-on

      Age restrictions:  old enough not to cut themselves - maybe 8 and up?

      Assistant(s): TBA

      Class Length:  1 hour

      Cost:  $3 per person if they want to keep the knife.


      Title of Class:  A Field Guide to the SCA

      Instructor: Baronowa Alzbeta Michalik

      Description: In the first half of the class, we'll talk about how to identify someone's rank by what they're wearing and how to address them properly.  In the second half, we will go on “safari”, looking for different examples and learning a little about what those ranks mean.


      Number of students:  10

      Age restriction:  9 – 11 with parent, 12 - 17

      Class Length:  1 hour

      Cost:  Optional $2 for handout



      Title of Class: Learning to Play the Harp

      Instructor:  Philippa of Otterbourne

      Description of Class: Students will get an overview of harp history, a chance to learn hand positioning.  Students will also learn to play a song.

      Number of students: 6

      Age restrictions: Children over 8 years of age only

      Will you have an assistant with you?  TBA

      Class Length: 2

      Cost: none


      Title of Class: Basic Boffer Making

      Instructor: Thegn Ian Mac Chatain


      Description of Class: A How-to on making simple boffers for Divisions 1 and 2

      Number of students: 20 (Children must be accompanied by a parent/adult. Adults do not have to be accompanied by a child….)


      Age restrictions: None

      Assistant:   TBA

      Class Length: 2 hours

      Cost: $0


      Last update: 2006-11-11