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  • Joanne Labny
    Apr 15, 2010
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      Words seem so inadequate right now.  I'm so sorry for your lost.  I wish with all my heart I could be with you right now.  As Mike said to me last night after hearing the news, "It really sucks being over here right now."  My heart is broken for you, Dawn, Allie and Devin. 
      I'm so glad you have so many wonderful memories to keep within your heart and hope those memories will help, in some small way, to comfort you now.  I remember how proud you both were last Pennsic to be able to fight together, father and son.  I am glad I was able to witness that moment. 
      I have so many fond memories of Ryan over the years.  I remember not that long ago when he was small entertaining him at Rockehelden fight practice while you fenced. I remember his many events with us. I fondly remember him growing from a young member of the SCA, bearing drinks while we served feasts, watching become a youth boffer fighter and growing into an adult heavy fighter and full member of our society in his own right, helping in the kitchen at Foxvale's event, severing at feast and being a bight young member of the society furthering our dream.
      I also have so many mundane memories of him as well.  His goofy sense of humor and jokes.  All the times we spent together at each others homes.  Him being a fantastic big brother to first Allie (or "Abadale" as he called her before she was born), though all her illnesses, and then to Devin.  It was joy to see all the kids so close even with the big difference in their ages.  I remember Sun. afternoon Bears games at my house when he would laugh at me getting so intense about the game.  This past seasons Bears games weren't the same and future Bears games will be missing his laughter and cheering.  Of course the last time I saw him at your house for the Super Bowl this year.  What a fun we had that day and I smile eveytime I think about it.
      My most special memory,hwever, is last June when I was home for a visit and we all went out for Pizza.  Ryan had just found out school had not gone the way he would have hoped and he was so mad at himself and how he told me he was going to change things.  I remember thinking, after seeing such a serious and stubborn look on his face, that his is going to do it.  I also remember thinking that night he had truly matured into a truly special young man seeing in him the determination to follow up those words with actions.  I was so very proud of him that night because it is not many people, at his age, could look at that kind of disappointment and pick himself up, start fresh and to follow through with the promises he made to himself that night. 
      You and Dawn should be very proud for the young man you raised.  I know my life will have been better for having Ryan in it.  Please know that I love you, Dawn, Allie, and Devin and my prayers are with all of you.  
      All my love,
      Fiona (Jobear

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      Subject: [Ayreton] Loss of an Ayreton member.
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      Date: Wednesday, April 14, 2010, 10:55 PM

      To Ayreton,

      It is with sadness of heart that I have to write to my friends of Ayreton. Today I lost my son Ryan of Foxvale in a car accident which also took the life of his best friend. They both left this world without any pain.

      Some may remember him as young boffer fighter, a server at one of their feast, a person who helped load their car, an archer, a banner barrier at forty year, an opponent at the Stone Dog games, and one of the newest Ayreton fighters to take the field of this last Pennsic next to his proud father.

      It made me proud fighting alongside him and sharing the NS stories. When I was too tired to fight in the castle battle, he did so without me and created his own tales. The stories he shared about honorable engagements in the woods was verified by an Ealdormere Knight, Sir Evander, these too made me a proud pappa.

      Ryan has left a younger brother of six and a sister of fourteen and his parents. Our family is grieving his loss as I am sure some of you will too, so please remember him in your own way at this time. Once I know the arrangements for his wake and funeral, I will post it for those who may want to know.

      Thank you for being a part of his short and wonderful life.

      A very sad Ansel and family.

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