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4939Re: SCA demo for MENSA

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  • lady_mairead
    Mar 24, 2010
      Hey folks--I'm on this. I just didn't have any information for her because no one has responded wanting to do this since she emailed me earlier this month. I will let her know that much.


      --- In Ayreton@yahoogroups.com, rebecca webb <elenofbirchbrae@...> wrote:
      > Cynthia needs help locating a member of ours:
      > Greetings, 
      > Kerri-Ellen, aka Margrett, was great, and we really enjoyed having her at the Mensa weekend. Before she left, we discussed the possibility of having a much larger SCA/re-enactor event â€" sort of a mini-Ren Faire â€" on Friday, and we were both very excited about the idea. I’ve sent an email to Kerri-Ellen at the address I had for her last year, but I’ve heard nothing back, so I don’t know if she has changed email services or if it just didn’t reach her because of some electronic glitch.
      > Anyway, we’re very interested in having something more elaborate at the Mensa weekend (last weekend in October), so I thought I’d touch base with you to find out if I can reconnect with Kerri-Ellen or, if she’s moved away, whoever else might be interested in having a bit of fun at our event.
      > Thanks again for your help last year. Maybe this year you’ll get to come.
      > Cynthia Clampittcaclampitt@...
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      > Program Chair
      > Chicago-area Mensa
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