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4927Rapier Champions Team tryouts announced

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  • Clint Anderson
    Mar 22, 2010
      Please see the forwarded message below from Warder Kai.  Please feel free to forward this information to others as seems appropriate.
      Thank you,

      Greetings unto the rapier combatants of the Dragon Army,

      I am pleased to have accepted the task of assembling this year's Pennsic Rapier Champions' Team and ensuring our continued dominance of that tournament over our eternal friends and annual opponents, the fencers of the East Kingdom. Assisting me in this endeavor are Warder Miguel Santiago, Warder Adam MacAidoh, Lord Gerard Montague, Lord Wit DeGroot, and Lady Kara Cypriani. 

      As we did last year, the Rapier Champions Team will be holding practices at events coming throughout the Midrealm as we prepare to take the field at Pennsic. In the Midlands, we will be attending Rites of Spring. In Constellation, we will be at the Festival of Three Saints and a Honeybee and the Constellation Academy of Defense. Announcements for Pentamere and Oaken will follow soon.

      I invite all students of the Art of Defense to attend these events and display their prowess upon the field. Not only will these events help select those fencers who we recommend to the Crown as representatives of the Midrealm upon the field, but they will also help us identify those worthy scholars whose ever-improving skill places them among those up-and-comers for whom the limelight is just around the corner.

      Draco Invictus!

      Kai Tseng, CBR

      Anton du Marais 

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