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49Looking for a place?

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  • Christopher Todesco
    May 4, 2006
      My roommate is moving out this weekend, and I will not be able to afford this house alone.  Therefore, if any SCA person is looking for or knows someone who is looking for a place to stay in the near west suburbs, on a short-term or long-term basis, please get a hold of me.  If I need to sell the house, I still need a couple months to get the house in good shape to sell, so it'd be great to have a little relief from the mortgage for those few months--but if someone's looking for a more long-term place, I would like to stay in this house if I can afford it.  Here's the details:

      - Located on a side-street in Berwyn, 20 minutes to downtown, quick access to both I-55 and I-290.
      - A good neighborhood, I've never had, seen, or heard of a problem with house/car break-ins or vandalism.
      - Will rent either one bedroom or the master suite (two bedrooms plus a full bath), plus full use of the rest of the house.
      - Will rent to a single, couple, or a couple with child.  (Master suite would make a perfect bedroom/nursery.)
      - Two car garage (I have one car) plus car-port and a driveway leading to the street, not the alley.
      - CTA access via bus (26th & Ridgeland is a block away), or 5 minutes to Blue line parking lot.
      - Huge kitchen, huge livingroom.  Large yard (lot-and-a-half), great for fighting :)
      - Washer/Dryer, dishwasher, satellite TV, DSL internet.
      - I have a cat, and am not a smoker.  I work 9-5, and am often not home doing SCA-like things in the evenings and on weekends.
      - My mortgage is $1500/mo.  Rent is negotiable.

      I really don't want to advertise for a completely random unknown roommate, so my hope is to find a renter who I know or knows someone I know.  (And the SCA's great for that.)