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4887Fighter Symposium & Regional Fighter Practice

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  • Bernal Schooley
    Mar 4, 2010

    Please find attached the flyer sent to me by Baron Faustino for the Fighter Symposium & Regional Fighter Practice that is May 15th and is being hosted by Carraig Ban, Elv Av Tiden and Foxvale.

    This is a rather large pdf file so I've included the text below.

    In your service,
    Richard de Scolay

    Fighter Symposium &
    Regional Fighter Practice

    May 15th, 2010

    Sponsored by:
    Carraig Ban, Elv Av Tiden, & Foxvale

    Autocrats: Faustino de Baeza and Ansel Claybourne
    Feastocrat: Kathryn Von Trier
    (phone #815-986-5403) (phone #630-801-0026)
    Merchantocrat: Faustino de Baeza

    $8 - Adults
    $4 - 12 to 6 year olds
    Free - 5 & Under
    ($3 non-member surcharge)
    Merchant: $10 (includes One 6ft Table & Chair)
    Feast: $10

    Pre-Re gister:
    Contact Aleid Van Gronigen

    Mail Pre-registration Fees to:
    8807 Ryan Court
    Kingston, IL 60145

    Site Location:
    Lord’s Park Pavillion
    100 Oakwood Blvd.
    Elgin, IL 60120

    Site Opens 9am to public & closes at 9pm
    Classes 10am - 5pm
    Feast starts at 6pm

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