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4864Re: [Ayreton] Re:[CHARTER] Agenda for 2010-02-07

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  • Jill Elaine Hughes
    Feb 14, 2010
      I'm not at all into SCA politics. I hate them with a passion in fact. So take the below with a huge grain of salt.  I'm just a passive observer who likes to watch these things objectively from the sidelines.
      I'm not usually someone who pipes in on subjects like this, but what is being proposed is simply how all other baronies in the Midrealm (and in other kingdoms) are run.  I remember it being this way when I was a kid in Flaming Gryphon back in the 80s.  It's not necessarily a bad thing.  In many ways, it's a good thing, especially if the Populace makes their polling choices carefully and conscientiously.  An effective Baron and Baroness rules in full cooperation with the Populace, and not as tyrants with iron fists.  Diplomacy is an important part of the job and an essential skill. 
      On the other hand, I've personally seen how poor choices in Barons and Baronesses can wreak havoc on a barony.  The Populace should elect someone who can rule benevolently, not someone who just looks good in armor and pretty garb and fights well. It shouldn't be a popularity contest. We the people have the ultimate power in this regard, since we help elect our barons and baronesses.
      The Midrealm has more limits on royal/peer power than just about any other kingdom, too, thanks to the Curia.  If we lived anywhere else, the King's word would be law, and there wouldn't be much any of us could do about it.   And it's also my understanding that term limits for barons/baronesses have been added in recent years (way back when, it was basically a lifetime appointment, so if you didn't like a Baron/Baroness, your only option was to either shut up or move to another barony). 
      The Middle Kingdom is not a democracy. That's why we have a King and Queen and not an elected president. Democracy didn't exist in the Middle Ages either.  Just saying.


      Lady Marissa de Courette

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