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  • Tedesco da Venezia
    Nov 8, 2006
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      I now have a map of the school so people who cannot make it to the school can see what we're dealing with:

      The main event areas, the field house and the three gymnasiums, are highlighted in blue.  (The fourth gym, D106, is filled with gymnastic equipment.)  Troll will be in the vestibule at the top-left corner of the Drop Off Loop, between the field house and the gymnasiums.  Note there is a doorway from Troll into the first gym (D108) which is kinda hard to see on this map, but it makes this prime space.  We're thinking either the main A&S Faire displays and/or merchants.  (There is PLENTY of space in the field house for merchants too.)  The orange rooms are music classrooms that we can use for the A&S Education Day classes.  Note E107 has a tiered seating, making this good for performances and lectures.  The green rooms over by the field house are washrooms AND locker rooms with showers.  The red room between them is the coach's office, which can be a great Royalty Room, especially since it has it's own private locker room!  As noted before, the only downside to this site is the Home Ec room which will be used for feast (in purple) is halfway across the building.  We DO have access to carts, and we have a number of plug-in roasters to keep food warm.  Plus, as noted on the map, the cooks can use the door nearest to the home ec room to get all the food into the kitchen.

      Marie la Fauconniere and Lochlainn MacGregor of Ravenslake came to the site last night and were very pleased with the space.  They will be handling the bid for Regional A&S Faire.  If anyone else would like to see the site, please come Tuesday evenings to the Thieves of Heart practice, and I'll show you around.  Directions can be found here:
      (These directions lead you to what is labeled "Merchant and Staff Parking".  We normally hold fighter practice in D102.)

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