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4833[CHARTER] notes from meeting 2010-01-31

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  • Robyyan Torr d'Elandris
    Jan 31, 2010
      Consider these placeholder notes until I finish dealing with a hard disk crash and restore from backup.

      The quick summary of today's meeting: We met, resolved a number of issues in the charter, but did not finish. We will meet again next Sunday, location TBA (and finishing in time for people to go find their Super Bowl parties).

      The topic remaining began as revision of Section VI Decision Making paragraph 2, and has broadened somewhat, as we try to find a middle somewhere between "The Baron and/or Baroness can do anything they want" and "The Baron and/or Baroness can't do anything without a majority of the Curia agreeing to it" that will be acceptable to all parties concerned, including the Midrealm Royalty.

      Homework assignments before the next meeting:
      1) develop a list of what kinds of decisions we're talking about, that are not already covered explicitly by either the financial policy or elsewhere in the charter
      2) develop one or more proposals on how to resolve the issues, including consideration of other affected sections of the charter

      I'll post more complete notes and an agenda for the next meeting, including exact time, place, and directions, within a day or two.

      Robyyan Torr d'Elandris (Dennis R. Sherman)
      Tree-Girt-Sea, Ayreton, Midrealm (Chicago, IL USA)