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4811Archery Equipment for sale

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  • Robin
    Jan 25, 2010
      Hello All,

      It has been awhile for me on this list.

      I have recently begun cleaning out my reenactor stuff and have decided to get out of Archery so I have decided to offer up to those archers my ENTIRE SET of Archery equipment including accessories (wrist guards, bowstringer,shooting gloves etc.)

      I am willing to bring it to a Sunday Grey Gargoyles meeting to those that are interested. I comes with two bows (1 wood laminate and 1 not laminate.- 25-30#)

      I will provide photos to those that are interested. You can also come to my house and look over the equipment 1 night, (after 7 pm) in Hammond, IN. Just let me know what night so I can be ready for you.

      I am looking to charge for everything about $135-150 (negotiable)

      Just the bows alone are worth that new. I have about 2 dozen arrows. I might be willing to split it up if necessary.

      Please contact me off list for details at: