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4795OT, but near and dear to many of us

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  • Dolores Becker
    Jan 20, 2010
      Sain Bainu!

      Please pardon my use of the list for a purpose that, while not directly SCA related, is of importance to many of us.  Public library funding in Illinois is in serious trouble.  If you appreciate the importance of public libraries as an institution, please take a moment to check out the following:


      Our libraries' budgets come from a variety of sources and this is just a part of the whole; it affects things like moving materials between libraries, insurance benefits for library staff (like me, and I bet I'm not the only one on this list), and other group functions.


      Living the Code, Serving the Dream

      Berngard Solgai, called Moose
      Dark Horde Moritu; Shire of Foxvale
      mka Dori Becker, Batavia Public Library Circulation
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