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467Re: Moving to the area soon

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  • Kristy Ockunzzi
    Nov 7 7:44 AM
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      Hello Jale (and others),

      If all goes as planned, Henry of Exeter and I will be at 12th Night
      for sure. At the very least, it is certainly on our "to do" list! I am
      fairly sure I'll need to borrow some garb, though, as I really don't
      think I'll be able to finish my own dress in time. I've read through
      some of the other posts and it sounds like that isn't too much of a
      problem.. I will keep my fingers crossed, though. :)

      As for your baby, congratulations! I hope all goes well, and I look
      forward to meeting the two (three?) of you. :)

      Best wishes,

      Henry's Ysabelle

      --- In Ayreton@yahoogroups.com, Wendy Pastrick <trybl_dance@...> wrote:
      > Welcome, Ysabelle!
      > We do hope to see you at our 12th Night event on
      > January 13th, and/or at the "Regional Fighter
      > Practice" the following day at Ida Noyes...(hey, does
      > anyone know if that's a confirmed site?). There are
      > always lots of non-fighters and non-fighting
      > activities going on at the Practice - it's a lot of
      > fun!
      > http://www.treegirtsea.com/
      > On a more personal note, my husband and I live just
      > north of Oak Park and we're expecting our first baby
      > in March. We would be happy to meet you and help you
      > get back into the swing of the SCA :)
      > In service,
      > Jale
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