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4667Ayreton letter of support, hopefully not too late

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  • thomas penyngton
    Dec 14, 2009
      Hello, Master Philip. I hope that this letter of support, though coming
      so late, may still be useful, and included in our petition.

      thomas p


      Master Thomas Penyngton sends greetings to Their Majesties, Dag and Anne
      Marie, to Their most noble Curia, and to any others that these words
      should come to.

      I write to add my voice to many that have spoken in favor of the
      proposed Barony of Ayreton.

      I have lived in the lands of Ayreton for over twenty years, for my
      entire stay in this Knowne World. I have seen this area change greatly
      over the years, much for the better. We have had divisions and even a
      bit of animosity in the past, both within groups and between them. I
      have seen this large city, what should be the greatest in the Midrealm
      and one of the greatest in all the Knowne World, struggle to reach it's
      potential, year after year. Having our area split into several different
      groups has been a hindrance to the developement of all of us, and much
      potential has been lost.

      Over the past several years, we have made great strides to work more
      closely together, to put aside past differences, and to make our area a
      more productive, fun place for all. We have seen groups and guilds
      growing and thriving, people working together more, and as an area we
      have been able to accomplish more as we've worked more closely together.
      The Ayreton Brewer's guild, which I've been involved with, has been a
      good example of people within the area working together, and we were
      recently awarded a Purple Fretty for our service to the kingdom.

      In the past several years, as we've grown an identity as "Ayreton",
      first just in the coining of that name, and with the establishing of an
      "Ayreton Mayor" (someone with no official standing but with a mandate to
      try to bring the local groups together more), and now with the process
      of becoming a Barony, I believe our area is truly blossoming into a more
      vibrant unit.

      I believe that the official establishment of the Barony of Ayreton will
      be important to cement those strides we've made, and provide
      opportunities for more. I am convinced that we have all the necessary
      prerequisites and resources we need, and are ready to take that step.

      And so I would urge you to look favorably upon our petition, and grant
      our status as a Barony, appoint a wise Baron and Baroness to lead us,
      and so help us to enrich this kingdom even more.

      Mistress Amelie d'Anjou, OL, adds her name and heart to this as well.
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