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4663Re: [Ayreton] Youth Fighting Symposium Pics

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  • Dougal MacAlister
    Dec 13, 2009
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      Master Sean and all parents of the Barony.
      I've managed to parse it down to 909 pictures.  I've left in as many of the youths actually fighting as I can.  Even if they aren't very good pictures, the fighters, and their parents / trainers / marshals can learn something from them. 
      Nothing like having a second pair of eyes catching what you're doing right, or what you need to work on.
      And quite a few pictures of people just having fun.
      Please send out this link to whichever lists you'd like, it is for the kids afterall.
      I've also dialed down their resolution to 1280, so they should load faster, if there's a specific picture that you may want at high res, please email me directly and I'll see what I can do.
      THL Dougal MacAlister, C.G.C.
      Midlands Regional Archery Marshal 

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      You could also post them on the Middle Youth Marshal Yahoo egroup site which will give it more than just Ayreton exposure.  Midrealm and other kingdom youth marshal would be able to see them.


      Sean o’Shaughnessy


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