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4660Holiday Gift Ideas! Twelfth Night Celtic Fair: Online Registration Open!

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  • young
    Dec 13, 2009
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      Greetings All!

      Looking for present ideas for the Holidays?

      Pre-registration for Twelfth Night Celtic Fair held in the Province of Tree-Girt-Sea is open!

      In fact, we have already had a number of people claim their places in the feast hall. Want to eat feast? We traditionally sell out – this is the way to guarantee your place!

      Want to save money on site fee? There is a discount for pre-registration!

      Want to save time at troll? Makes checking in so much easier!

      Pay by debit or credit card at: http://acceps.ansteorra.org/index.php.

      Event Activities:

      A&S Classes
      Afternoon meal
      Ask-a-Laurel Table
      Ayreton Craftsperson and Artist Faire
      Combined Fighter Practice on Sunday
      Dance Room
      Irish Pub open on site from 2pm – 1am.
      Scavenger Hunt
      Youth Combat

      Tentative Feast:

      On the table:
      Marinated mushrooms (V)
      Welsh Rarebit sauce with toast (not V due to Worcestershire sauce - anchovies!)

      First course:
      Mutton Stew
      Fried Beans (V)
      Oatcakes and toppings (butter and jams/jellies/preserves of indigenous fruits) (V)

      Second course:
      Duck steamed in Cider
      Onion dressing (V)
      Spiced cabbage (V)
      Baked Beets (V)

      Third course:
      Venison roast with Gravy
      Frumente (V)
      Parsnips & Carrots (V)

      Baked Apples (V)
      Cherry Bread (V)

      (V) Denotes vegetarian
      More & Improvements to come...

      Please see our event website for more information and contact the different activity coordinators with any questions. The event stewards are also happy to help with any inquiries. Site: www.treegirtsea.com/12thnight.html